Message from Executive Director

Welcome to Vision Quest & Career Pathways! The heart of a Vision Quest & Career Pathways’ education is the alignment of high school academic standards with vocational training and activities for students to be successful in today’s work place. The school is in a unique position to empower students to become accomplished individuals, as well as responsible citizens who consciously choose to make a positive difference in the world

We are committed to fostering a sense of school community between students, teachers, staff, our business partners, and our local communities. We pride ourselves in establishing a true partnership between the student, the school and the community. Our goal is to grow the student holistically by developing their self-esteem, leadership, academic excellence and independence. We also want our students to benefit from an all-round development as individuals and as citizens. We facilitate their acquisition of skills for life, such as self-confidence, team spirit, creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship. We nurture a sense of citizenship through our Student Advisor Program. This explains why our graduates are well-rounded, emotionally intelligent young men and women, who can balance their rights as individuals with their responsibilities as citizens.

Each day our students discover new experiences for both challenge and for success. First of all, we want our students to exude academic ambition, to have a knowledge-seeking spirit that embraces the importance of continuous effort and seeing challenge as an opportunity for learning.  We encourage each of our students to adopt a growth mindset, where they never say, I can’t do that, but rather they say, I can’t do that yet.

As a school, founded on the base premise of providing a means and opportunity for underserved youth to acquire an education to be successful in the workforce, we are particularly conscious that the literacies attained at Vision Quest & Career Pathways, provides our students with a gateway to different ways of understanding the world. Our staff is linguistically and culturally diverse, and this diversity strengthens our school community. It is this layering of language, personal interaction, experiential journeys and varied academic and vocational programs that gives our students a positive outlook and inspires in them a purposeful will to contribute to the progress of humanity.

A Vision Quest & Career Pathways’ education is rich with diverse learning experiences and opportunities for personal achievements for our students. Our teachers, staff and resources make it possible for all students to meet their expectations and achieve mastery in their chosen field of study.

Manuel Casillas, Executive Director


We encourage confidence and make powerful change in everything we do – we make things happen!


The Journey Starts With You!

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide a student-centered, diverse educational experience, which instills the desire to learn. Our programs are enriched by developing and maintaining partnerships with businesses, industry, as well as the community. The school is committed to serving the underserved.

Our Goals

  • Provide previously disenfranchised populations with access to high-quality educational opportunities.
  • Provide diverse opportunities for students to continue their education through community partnerships, career-based training and/or college.
  • Institute a school-wide cultural that integrates restorative justice, social-emotional learning, and other values to promote holistic student development with the goal of increasing their social integration in society.
  • Excellent teachers will teach students in facilities conducive to learning.
  • Students will learn from curricula aligned to California state standards.
  • Stakeholders will be involved and will have an impact on the School’s decision-making process.
  • Students will have success in School, career, and life.
  • Students will persist towards achieving their School, career, and life goals through determination.
  • The school’s learning environment will be safe and supportive of learning.
  • Students will have available and participate in courses of study that support their careers and lives.
  • Students will have positive outcomes within their classes.

Board Members


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Gabriel Searcy


Leonard Lippert


Chris Buscaglia

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Counseling Services

Vision Quest & Career Pathways Counselors support each and every student at the school. They address academic issues and ready to assist students with personal issues, conflict mediation, career counseling, as well as referrals and resources to other community support.

Student Resources

Recognizing that students’ needs are unique, leading up to and/or after graduation, Vision Quest & Career Pathways offers a range of services to assist students; for example; job/career development, resume writing, employment application assistance, identifying job opportunities, interview preparation, and essential resources to help with food, housing, and clothing.

Job Support & Placement

Vision Quest & Career Pathways partnerships with the local community assist students to get ready for life beyond the Vision Quest & Career Pathways or incarceration. We offer career and life skills, high school diploma, and CTE vocational skills through our partnerships. We bring job opportunities and other needed services to provide the means for students to move quickly in the right direction when they enter the workforce.

Clothing Exchange

The Vision Quest & Career Pathways Clothing Exchange enables students to obtain much-needed clothing items as they become available.

Leadership Development

Vision Quest & Career Pathways encourages students to be active change agents within the school and in their local community. The school Advisors, Teachers and Staff provide leadership skills development for students, to learn effective ways to develop long-lasting relationships with other students, and to provide feedback to make Vision Quest & Career Pathways a better place for both current and future students.

Bell Schedule

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Our Core Values

Our Students reclaim the right to:

  • a valid education in readiness to respond to social imbalances and historical forces of oppression;
  • be creators of new knowledge in an engaging and contextual and learning environment;
  • pursue meaningful post-secondary opportunities in academia, industry, local communities and beyond;
  • take their place as socially responsible leaders who reflectively collaborate with all community members;
  • caring and supportive teachers who always express a sincere interest in their life;
  • be active participants in restorative justice in which they cooperate to change things with each other, rather than do things to each other or for each other; and
  • play meaningful roles in creating positive social change.

The School:

  • strives to create an engaging atmosphere using innovative, individualized, hands-on, project-based, and thematically-integrated lessons;
  • acts with respect, honesty, and courage;
  • has high expectations held across the School; and
  • works to make certain the School is a physically and emotionally safe environment for growing and learning.

The Board, Teachers, Staff, and Students:

  • forms a learning community through building relationships, partnerships, and inclusive student-centered collaboration.

The School Community:

  • is committed to fiscal responsibility, core-value retention, and strong leadership to make certain the continuity of the school as an organization.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice recognizes that crime harms everyone; the victim, the offenders, and the community. It generates a responsibility and commitment to make things right. We believe that all people have a great deal of value and worth. Our school’s programs are intended to assist all students who are influenced by crime by providing the means and the opportunity for understanding and gaining the necessary knowledge, skills and capability to heal and flourish. Offender accountability and the voice of survivors are essential to restorative justice. Restorative Justice underlies all of our educational, employment and therapeutic programs, and is taught through our custom-designed and developed curriculum. Results are determined by how much repair and learning is achieved rather than by how much punishment was inflicted.